on a mission to bring tech CLOSER TO MASSES

We’ve been investing our time and energy in projects that can bring tech closer to a broader audience. We evangelize, educate, and promote essential industry developments and spotlight builders and creatives entering the Web3 space.

Founder Stories

Leading a Blockchain Infrastructure Venture

Vuksan Simunovic & Lazar Travica Founders of Trapesys, Founder in Residence at A42

what else is cooking in our lab

We have a hard time saying no to interesting initiatives that could onboard more builders to the space. 

We like the tech we explore and the businesses we build on top so much that we invest our time and energy in projects we only wish existed when we embarked on this journey. Here are a couple of others in the making this year.



While we structure the application and review process in the coming months, feel free to submit any idea you want funding.

Whether commercial or not – we are eager to get and support them in any way possible. Keep in mind that currently, for 2023,  we’re funding only Web3 projects which might expand shortly.

Note that we are picky when giving grants, so please look carefully at our website. Through the eye of the projects and activities we do, you should be able to understand what we care about.


Our team of 3327 researchers is deep down in the trenches exploring tech before we even start implementing it on commercial projects.

The world needs more hands-on researchers of this kind, so that’s the reason why we’re open to sponsoring Web3 R&D scholarships.

Suppose you would like to contribute to our mission while not necessarily joining us full-time. In that case, this might be an excellent option to test our collaboration and also for you to see if Web3 is something you might build your future career upon.


Once every quarter, we open our coworking spaces for a visit in-person. This is the chance to get to know our people, projects, and everything we do at A42.

Our folks call it “work and chill” days internally since it’s about combining those two for at least one day every fourth month in a year. Especially since being a remote-first organization, we’re excited to meet our dear colleagues and partners in person.

Let us know in the application below if you want to meet someone specific from our ecosystem so we can arrange that timely.


During one of many offsites we had at A42, we thought it would be super fun to make a comic about surfing this fancy new Web3 wave (web).

This is currently a side project for our fantastic illustrator and educators. The idea is to produce educational content for scholars and students to kick off their journey to Web3 with great storytelling.

Once printed out, we aim to distribute 25.000 comics to universities and schools worldwide as an easy read which might attract youngsters to the blockchain and other decentralized technologies.