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April ‘20
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TLV $5M+
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May ‘22
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Tesseract Finance is a multi-dimensional yield farming protocol. As such, it was a joint effort with people from Daedaus Angels as co-founders and YFI Combinator as partners. Yearn Finance became the main gateway for people on Ethereum to get exposed to DeFi yield farming opportunities without the hurdles, and Tesseract Finance was hoping to do the same for users on Polygon, later on, many others.

Tesseract became an early stage part of YFI Combinator program that works on growing and nurturing the Yearn ecosystem outside of the Ethereum mainnet. Firstly, Tesseract vaults are designed to generate yield using the best yEarn strategies adapted for Polygon.

One year into development, we saw that Tesseract is an uphill battle with questionable upside for its stakeholders during the bear market and us, lacking behind with keeping the pace with DeFi – brutally fast-paced game where opportunities flash and disappear in a blink of an eye.